Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nm?

Nm is a metric yarn count which tells you how many kilometers of yarn there are in 1 kilogram (or how many hundreds of meters in 100 grams, if you like.) The number behind the forward slash shows how many threads there are in the yarn. So a yarn 6/2 Nm would have two threads each of which would measure 6 km of length in 1 kg.

How does Nm convert to tex?

Tex also tells the same ratio between yarn length and weight, only inverted, based on length as the constant value. The number tells us how many grams would a kilometer of yarn weigh. So a kilometer of 125 tex yarn would weigh 125 grams. To convert tex to Nm and back just divide 1000 by the yarn count number and you get the inverse yarn count. Example: the 125 tex = 8 Nm.

Can I pay in a different currency?

I accept payments in USD, GBP, EUR and CHF. EUR is the default currency. Other currencies are loaded based on your shipping address. If you want to pay in a different currency than is set for your location, please contact us and we will try to find a solution.

Can I receive a sample first?

Yes, you ca. Please write us an e-mail describing your needs and specifying your address. Based on your location and amount of the samples we might charge you a small shipping cost or send a sample for free.

You didn’t find your answer?

Please let us know. we will be happy to answer it and add it to this list.