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Since we have much higher stock of some colors than of others we offer them on sale. At this moment there is Black yarn 8/2 Nm on sale 15% off.

100% wool, New Zealand wool, combed, spun in the Czech republic.
Yarn count: 8/2 Nm, 2 strands – each is 800m in 100g
Dyes: probably reactive dyes, lower color stability.
Thin and soft
Anti-moth protection
Cones weight vary from 280g to 500g. It is suitable for tufting, weaving, carpet making, tapestry. Some of my customers for this kind of yarn are Persian carpet renovators. This yarn has very beautiful colors you will really appreciate. This yarn is redundant yarn after a carpet manufacture closure. It has been stored for over 10 years, but thanks to anti moth protection is in perfect condition.
Please note that price per kg lowers rapidly with quantity.

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