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Rectangle d’Or

Hand tufted rugs

Rectangle d’Or is a workshop for creating handtufted rugs, situated in Bedoin, a beautiful village at the foot of the Mont Ventoux in Provence, South of France.
Flore Sivell, the owner of the workshop, studied Glass&Fine Art and Glass & Architecture at Central St Martin School of Art & Design in London back in 2000. After graduating she worked as a stained glass artist for more than 5 years, during which she finished several prestigious projects of stained windows for private homes, and in churches and libraries. She was interested in hand tufting and in 2008 she took several hand tufting courses and a year later she switched her art field to hand tufting, experimenting the technique her own way, and started her company Rectangle d’Or. This is how she describes the change:

“Handtufting allows me to create all kind of designs, with exclusively noble and natural materials such as pure wool and linen, thus bringing my passion for interior designs and handmade creativity together. After working with glass which is a cold and hard material but a delight for light, colours and transparency, I work now with a complete different texture, warm and soft materials, and a total different way of handling it, but still with the pleasure of playing with colours and shapes, and creating with and for people who like enhancing their interiors.”

As a handtufter, Flore created many different kinds of designs: small rugs in the shape of stones or shells, a large range of modern abstract images, figurative designs, landscape rugs depicting fields and rocks, and she pushed the limit of handtufting in combining wool with ceramics or wood. Just see for yourself here in the photo gallery or on her website.

Here’s how Flore Sivell describes the variety of her designs:
“I have my own designs, but depending on my clients’request, I adapt the design to their wishes and their interiors.
I like experimenting, pushing limits, mixing and inserting other material such as wood and ceramics in the wool rugs. My rugs are presented as art work in different exhibitions and art galeries. The last 2 or 3 years, I am working more and more with designers and artists, having the pleasure to create magnificent rugs with their own designs.”

Rectangle d'Or is a workshop for creating handtufted rugs, situated…
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Detail of a landscape rug
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Half printed weaving technique, half handtufted with relief. Design by Gisèle Depery.
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Pebbles Rugs
4 / 19
Landscape tufted rug - heather
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Horizon rug and Calade rug
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Wool combined with wood
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Mural rug - landscape with a cypress tree in relief
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Mural rug, still life with a wine bottle
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Sea shells Rugs – approx. 60cm diameter, in relief
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Bathroom Beach Rug
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Design by Ange Koffi
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during the process of shearing
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Rug in situ inspired by Nicolas de Stael painting
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Wool rug in situ – design inspired by Matisse
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Rug in situ – design by Flore Sivell
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Wool rug with ceramics
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Linen rug with wool pebbles in relief
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Tufting work in process on the back of the canvas – polar bear
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Wool rug in situ - polar bear with relief